How to know if this is for you? 

Do you feel anxious and always have too much to do?

Are you feeling the weight of stress?

Overwhelmed with triggers?

Do you feel like you never have enough energy to get things done?

Have you tried tools that don't really work for your neurodivergent brain?

Are you ready to let more calm and flow into your life?

Do you desire to lead your life with more confidence?

If the above sounds familiar, you are in the right place!

Endorsed by a Cambridge and Oxford educated Harley Street Adult Autism Psychiatrist

Stressors might be inevitable... But stress response can be switched off.

Stress management is a two way street. On one hand, you need a safe environment free from toxicity, discrimination, and bullying. On the other hand, you also need a good knowledge of your nervous system, coping skills and techniques.

We all have stressors in daily life that we might not be able to remove, however, when we learn nervous system regulation, we can reduce the impact that stress has on our health, productivity, and relationships.

Learning to switch off stress (i.e. nervous system regulation) isn't about suppressing or bypassing our emotions; it's about learning to heal and regulate our nervous system in a mindful and sustainable way.

Hey there, I'm Paula.

Like many neurodivergent individuals, despite trying various methods, I often found myself stressed and overwhelmed.

Combining my personal struggles with background in psychology, yoga, and 18 years in mindfulness, I've developed a unique system to help you navigate stress more effectively.

Working with highly sensitive and neurodivergent women in burnout, I have notice that despite many different circumstances and variety of root causes, all of them need to learn the fundamental skill of nervous system regulation.

My vision is long-term wellness for neurodivergent people always, everywhere.

Calm your nervous system in a neurodivergent-friendly way. 

Learn how to combine mindfulness and science-backed methods effectively.

Navigate the demands of work and family life without compromising your well-being.
Harness the healing power of your weaknesses.
Discover an approach that works with your brain and can't be found elsewhere.

Rewire the habit of subconscious stress that kept you wired and find rest instead of stresslaxing.

Join the rebellion of calm.

In a world that thrives on tension and strain, unwinding becomes an act of rebellion. We've all mastered the art of carrying the weight, hustling, rushing, but releasing that burden? Might sound impossible....

But when you have the right tools and support, you reclaim control over your inner landscape, shedding the layers of stress that weigh you down. Unwinding isn't weakness—it's your secret weapon, a force that commands peace and invites serenity to flow.


"Taking the 'Calm in Chaos' masterclass was a game-changer for me. I used to feel like I was constantly at the mercy of my stressors and the usual tools didn't work for me, but now I have practical techniques to help me navigate through even the toughest situations. I feel more centred, focused, and in control of my life."

David, Australia

"I can't recommend this masterclass enough! Paula's approach is so refreshing – instead of just talking about the problem, she provides actionable solutions that actually work. Thanks to her guidance, I feel more resilient, confident, and at ease in my daily life."

Emily, USA

“Paula is intelligent, patient, and caring, and these qualities are evident in her approach to coaching. I have seen Paula demonstrate excellent active listening skills and share valuable insights, helping me and others overcome barriers and come out from various thinking traps."

Elena, London, UK

"Paula through her empathy, spirituality, and her unique way of seeing the world guided me on this new path of live my emotions in a healthy and constructive way for my personal and spiritual growth. All this process led me to start a new chapter in my life, seeing the world from a more aware perspective of myself and what surrounds me."

Luider, Colombia

What's Included

  • Two pre-recorded video modules - watch at your own time
    (worth 250$)
  • One recorded group Q&A session
    - watch at your own time
    (worth $129)
  • BONUS - 100$ OFF the deeply healing 4-month Burnout Recovery Program


Here's a sneak peek at what we cover:

Nervous system fundamentals: So that you understand how and why everything works (helpful for PDA)

Step One: Noticing - Learn to recognize those automatic stress triggers and reactions.

Step Two: Effective Tools - Discover science-backed methods to switch off stress and find calm.

Step Three: Building Resilience - Develop long-term strategies to stay stress resilient.
Step Four: Root Cause Analysis - Uncover and eliminate the underlying causes of your stress habits.
Q&A recording - answering the most burning questions from the people taking this masterclass.